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Technical Diving Phuket Thailand (PADI Tecrec Phuket Thailand): All 4 Diving was established in 1995 with full range professional recreational diving operator in Phuket Thailand with high standard and competitive of tech diving. PADI technical diving courses (PADI Tecrec), we offering from the first level tech to max level tech of technical diving that bringing your stories to life of PADI technical diving courses in Phuket Thailand. It is than, we proudly to sacrifice particular for technical diving or PADI Tecrec Phuket Thailand to give the best one to make it a most memorable experiences.

Technical Diving Phuket Thailand (PADI Tecrec Phuket Thailand): Our PADI Tecrec Instructor Trainer, The 5 Star Career Development Center (CDC) All 4 Diving Academy and PADI Tecrec Center welcome you to Phuket Thailand. We are offering a full performance with high ranging of open circuit DSAT Tecrec instructor courses for all instructors and divers.  We are really exciting to offer you with the full service of interesting open circuit DSAT Tecrec training courses.

All 4 Diving Academy technical diving (PADI Tecrec), we are very successful at providing highest standard and excellent of technical diving or PADI Dive Course and Tecrec Phuket Thailand. We are arranging our PADI dive courses and tech diving courses, these are included daily trips, experience instructors and liveaboards.  We also provide PADI dive courses and tech diving courses at our daily trips. The courses will inclusive of our instructors around Bon Island, Richelieu Rock and Similan Islands. For any diving day trips or PADI dive courses, don’t miss our scuba diving Phuket website.

The Similan Islands is one of the best locations for our course technical diving phuket (PADI Tecrec). We will bring you to the most beautiful spot for your PADI Tecrec Phuket Thailand. We have a lot of potential clients who have chosen the islands to full fill their program and finally get their certificate of tecrec training at the end of the trip.


PADI TecRec Dive CenterPADI Tecrec Dive Center: Our well-trained and well experience instructors are all operate the technical diving in Phuket Thailand. In the years of 2003, tech diving Phuket Thailand authorized DSAT and 2005 PADI instructor.  Our PADI Tecrec instructors team have extensive of knowledge and well-experience in diving. Furthermore, our PADI Tecrec instructors possible to offer you will whole lot of diving details. The open circuit courses in the traditional set of twin and the most popular for configuration.

Technical Diving in Phuket Thailand (Tech Diving) Phuket is a great place for all vacationers and divers, our office located in Patong  Beach. Phuket has been known as “Pearl of the Andaman Sea” for decades and we are very proud to settle our business here with our well-trained instructor. Firstly, we started with the local business agency, we have various site by our trainers and choose by the condition with all variety and great accession in Phuket Thailand.  With our training courses and high performance, we can guarantee to all about instructors will provide the best experience of yours.

Phuket Technical Diving - PADI Tecrec Courses

Technical Diving - Phuket Tec Rec Wreck Tec main

PADI Tecrec 40, 45, 50 Deep Diver
PADI Tecrec Trimix 65 Trimix Diver.

PADI revamped all of their Tecrec courses several years, all of courses are now more readily available to more divers, as prerequisites for each course differ. The Tecrec deep courses are included of PADI Tec 40, limited to a 10 minutes decompression tech dive, maximum depth of 40 meters, single gas switch using air and enriched air Nitrox up to 50%. PADI Tec 45, full multiple stop decompression, maximum depth 45 meters, single gas switch using air, enriched air Nitrox and oxygen. PADI Tec 50, full tech diving, accelerated multiple stop decompression, maximum depth 50 meters, multiple gas switches using air, enriched air Nitrox and oxygen. PADI Trimix 65, introduce you to trimix blends (minimum 18% oxygen), maximum depth 65 meters, multiple stop accelerated decompression stops. Trimix diver, an extension of Trimix 65, maximum depth 90 meters, it is multiple stop, multiple gas switch accelerated decompression tech diving.

Tec Gas Blender – Enriched Air and Trimix: Tec Gas Blender courses (enriched air blender and Trimix blender) are also available, good idea for any dive professional and also those getting right into technical diving. Enriched Air Nitrox is the backbone of all these courses, being certified as an Enriched Air Nitrox diver is a prerequisite for all PADI Tecrec courses we offered.

PADI Tec Sidemount: We are also offered the most of popular is Sidemount (recreational level, one or more tanks) and PADI Tec Sidemount (two or more tanks) courses, these courses can be combined with other PADI courses, so you can earn your ratings faster.

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